10 Places to see in South Carolina


South Carolina many of the people refer it as smiling faces and a very beautiful place. Indeed it is a beautiful place and the entire hospitality of these places makes a lot of to come back again and again too. This effectively varies from the mountainous foothill to the beautiful sandy beaches and also to everything in between. These means that South Carolina is worth of visit thus the following are 10 Places to see in South Carolina.
1. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Usually, Riverbanks are among the most remarkable zoos in this place. This is a very fantastic zoo which effectively fascinating a botanical garden with shade, old rose, walled, bogs and also dry garden. The zoo usually is a very fun place for everyone in the family to visit.
2. Hilton Head
This is among the best place for a family to visit. This is because there are a lot of fun family attractions. In this place, there are a lot of paths and also lanes which are all over the entire town thus it is the perfect place for the bike riding. Additionally, there are a number of high-rise hotels and also a good environment due to the trees that cover most part of this place thus making it a perfect place to visit.
3. Aquarium
Visiting the aquarium usually is one of the great to effectively round out an enjoyable vacation mainly to this very beautiful state. It is located in the Charleston where there is other this to see. Generally, this is a classic destination for every person and also a family destination.
4. Congaree National Park
This is among the newest park in this place. The entire Park is usually surrounded by Congaree Swamp. One of the key features of this park is that there are daily ranger-guided walks and to the children, there is junior ranger program. Thus, becomes among the best place to visit.
5.Myrtle Beach
This place is a classic tourist spot mainly for the vacationers who are heading to the beach; additionally, the area comprises an incredible number of dining, shopping, activities, hotels and also attractions.
6. Georgetown
Georgetown is usually located at the beautiful Pee-Dee River. This place is generally known for a great scenic river walk, beautiful historic neighborhoods and also great shopping. Additionally, it is the 3rd oddest city mainly in this state.
7. State Capital Building
This building usually survived Sherman’s march mainly in the Civil War; in this place, you will come to know the history of the construction which effectively began in 1851 and it was completed in 1907. This is among the place to visit the people who love to know how thing was before.
8. Greenville Zoo
This zoo has a length of 14-acre which comprise of many wildlife species such as elephants, giraffes, and giant tortoises. This zoo offers a lot of education programs mainly the school-age children’s. The admission usually is at a reasonable price and the groups get admission with a special discount.
9. Myrtle Waves Water Park
This is among the best place where people can enjoy the thrills and also the family of the raft rides, slides and also large pools.
10. Spartanburg Art Museum
This is a great place you can experience art and also the culture at a very affordable price. Families can visit the place on any day many between Tuesdays to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Additionally, this place offers a gallery of exhibits, thus it offers art school and also art camps.
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